Demo Club

Demo Club grew out of my want to share new songs in more raw form, as close to their conception as possible. Often, there are extended periods of time between writing a song and its eventual release, and by that time that song has been rewritten and re-arranged 5 times over. I wanted to release examples of my writing in its earliest stages: new songs in their first demo form. I think this will not only allow listeners to hear so much more of what comes out of my head (so many songs never make the cut usually), but also help show me my growth, and challenge myself to release a new song I have recorded and produced every month.

The Demo’s will be available to listen to on YouTube and available to download on Bandcamp. By downloading the first demo and providing me with your email, you will be added to a mailing list to remind to listen to the new demo each month. Whilst I want Demo Club to be free, if you feel like contributing any money, donators of £1 or more will receive a special handmade Demo Club patch featuring the Demo Club Logo, sent to your door.

This is Demo Club. Enjoy the ride.

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